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Distributor Of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

What is the first thing you mostly notice when you enter someone’s house? Is it the interior design or the paint and decoration? No, the first thing you would notice will be ceiling of that house. Ceiling can make your home look beautiful and even dreadful. The time of normal ceiling has gone and now is the time of acoustic ceiling tiles. These tiles are available in various size, shapes and designs to suit your needs and specifications.

Gypsum Manufacturers in India

Gypsonite welcomes all of you in our world of gypsum products, where we manufacture and supply diverse range of gypsum products, such as gypsum boards, acoustic mineral fibre ceiling board, plaster of paris powder, gypsum block and PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles. Our in-depth knowledge and unmatched experience in the industry helped us to export our superior products to all Asia countries, middle eastern countries as well as different countries of African continents. This achievement has made us popular and enabled us to earn reputation across the globe amongst our customers as well as competitors.

Manufacturer of Gypsum Wallboard

Gypsum wallboards also known as dry walls globally, are used to work as a cover for ceiling and interior walls. Gypsum dry walls can be seen everywhere and in every house in today’s world. Drywall construction makes construction time five to ten times faster and with fewer complications. Gypsum wall or board provides excellent performance when it comes to fire protection and thermal insulation and takes care of all important elements of fire protection, such as stability, integrity and insulation.

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