GI & Aluminum ceiling tiles

clip - in - tiles:

technical specifications Panel:

gypsonite clip - in -Tilesare made out of 0.6/0.7mm thick aluminium/0.5mmthick galvanized, coil coated on a continuous paint line, produced on advanced equipment, each tile would be raised and piped and stopped to ensure positive engagement into the clip - in profile or spring tee, yet allow for demounting for individual tiles.All th tiles would have option of square or beveled edges.Standard size of gypsonite planks are 600x600.Gypsonite clip -in - tiles are availabe in various colors, finises & perforations.Gypsonite clip -in - tilesare also available in 600x1200mm.

lay-in- tiles :

technical specifications Panel:

gypsonite lay in tiles are made from 0.5/0.6/0.7mm thick aluminium/.45/0.5mm thick galvanized Steel, coil coated ona continous paint line, produced ono advanced equipment, which would include several leveling stages. These Tiles have a flange on each end , which lay on the exposed "T"grid. the tiles can be laied and easily removed without the aid of special tools. all Tiles would have square /beveled edges. gypsonite lay - in - tiles are available in various colors, finishes & perforations.


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