Gypsum Board


We are a mumbai based firm engaged in distrubution and reselling of gypsum products in various forms. Over the years we have developed a strong domestic as well as export market across the globe.

We provide three types of gypsum board including regular board, fire-resistant board and water-resistant boards. The boards we offer are made in an eco-friendly manner with the use of best quality gypsum rock, water and recycled paper makes these not only eco-friendly but also highly efficient for acoustic & fire preventive constructions.
Our Products could be used in places such as super markets, dining rooms, hospitals, auditorium. The quality of our products has been always recognized in domestic and overseas market. overseas market includes America, India, South Africa, UAE, East Africa, Middle East, Asia and so on.


Gypsum tiles Gypsum Tiles Gypsum Tiles



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