1. Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles
  2. PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles
  3. PVC Honeycomb ceiling tiles
  4. GI & Aluminum ceiling tiles
  5. GI T-grid system
  6. Gypsum-Board
  7. Gypsum Powder
  8. Micro Silica Powder
  9. Gypsum Block
  10. Glass Fiber Relnforced Gypsum ceiling tiles
Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling
Gypsonite acoustic mineral fiber ceiling board is a kind of high-grade construction decoration material which has so much performance, sound absorption, fireproof, thermal insulation, mould-proof, sag resistant, energy-saving, environmental protection. it is widely used in indoor ceilings in airports, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, petrol pumps etc

Technical Aspects
Surface Coating: Factory Applied Vinyl Latex print
Size: 595MM X 595MM
Fiber Content:>80%
Thickness: 12MM,13MM,15MM
Sag Resist: 0.2mm below

Edge Type: Square & Tegular

Design: Micro Tegular, Tegular & Square Edge Ceiling Attenuation Class:35-40db NRC Value: 0.5 up to 0.7

Special specifications/ designs can be supplied on special order.
Mineral cotton as the main raw material, filled with perlite for materials, modified starch binder, a one-time news for the pulp fiber reinforced materials, by adding additives, the pulping, the substrate made of high temperature and high pressure , the substrate by embossing, such as perforation of processing, surface primers, spraying with a decorative materials. Surface roughness, smooth, pure color, no colourdifference, design variety, sound absorption, fire resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sag resistance, class A decoration materials.
PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles
PVC gypsum ceiling tile is made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of PVC on surface and aluminum foil on its back. It is a environmental friendly, light weight, high quality, fireproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant decorative ceiling board.

It can be widely used in high fireproof and waterproof requirement environment, such as hotel, hospital, school, house and factory etc.

Technical performance
Materials: Gypsum Board
Surface: PVC Aluminum Foil

Allow Dimension Difference:
• Length <2.0mm
• Width <2.0mm
• Thickness <0.5mm
• Weight Kg/ m2: < 6.5kg/m2
• Strength: Break Load>150N
• Containing Water Rate: < 1%

Fireproof Class: Class B1
Meet the standard: GB8624-1997
Moisture Requirement: Under 90%
PVC Honeycomb ceiling tiles
In recent years PVC has become an advantageous alternative than traditional material for decorating amd rearranging of interior spaces in the various environments such as residences, hotels,restaurant,industrial units,individual offices,bathrooms,kitchens,laundries
GI & Aluminum ceiling tiles

clip - in - tiles:

technical specifications Panel:
gypsonite clip - in -Tilesare made out of 0.6/0.7mm thick aluminium/0.5mmthick galvanized, coil coated on a continuous paint line, produced on advanced equipment, each tile would be raised and piped and stopped to ensure positive engagement into the clip - in profile or spring tee, yet allow for demounting for individual tiles.All th tiles would have option of square or beveled edges.Standard size of gypsonite planks are 600x600.Gypsonite clip -in - tiles are availabe in various colors, finises & perforations.Gypsonite clip -in - tilesare also available in 600x1200mm.

lay-in- tiles :

technical specifications Panel:
gypsonite lay in tiles are made from 0.5/0.6/0.7mm thick aluminium/.45/0.5mm thick galvanized Steel, coil coated ona continous paint line, produced ono advanced equipment, which would include several leveling stages. These Tiles have a flange on each end , which lay on the exposed "T"grid. the tiles can be laied and easily removed without the aid of special tools. all Tiles would have square /beveled edges. gypsonite lay - in - tiles are available in various colors, finishes & perforations.
GI T-grid system
The GI T section, we offer , includes main tee , cross tee and wall angle . Our GI T section is rotary-stitched ,for torsion strength and stability to deliver optimum performance . the CI T section , we offer , features a unique connection design for easy and hassle-free installation . our GI T section is known for its accurate gird size and robust construction
We are a mumbai based firm engaged in distrubution and reselling of gypsum products in various forms. Over the years we have developed a strong domestic as well as export market across the globe.

We provide three types of gypsum board including regular board, fire-resistant board and water-resistant boards. The boards we offer are made in an eco-friendly manner with the use of best quality gypsum rock, water and recycled paper makes these not only eco-friendly but also highly efficient for acoustic & fire preventive constructions.

Our Products could be used in places such as super markets, dining rooms, hospitals, auditorium. The quality of our products has been always recognized in domestic and overseas market. overseas market includes America, India, South Africa, UAE, East Africa, Middle East, Asia and so on.

Waterproof ,damproof,moisture-proof, heat-prevent
Lightweight, thermal insulation,easy to install.
Lower maintenance costs ,easy to be replaced
Gypsum Powder

We are indulged in offering high quality Plaster of Paris Powder to our prestigious clients in India. This powder is used to design and develop various designs of ceiling medallions. These ceiling medallions highlight the area holding chandelier, ceiling fans and light fixtures & give an entire new look to the room. We are supplying POP powder of superlative quality at market leading prices.

Micro Silica Powder

Gypsum Block

We offer high quality Gypsum Block in the market. Gypsum Block is made up of pure high quality gypsum, blended with glass fiber & proprietary chemicals with tongue & groove adjust.

  1. Waterproof
  2. Dam proof
  3. Moisture-Proof
  4. Heat-Prevent
  5. Lightweight
  6. Thermal Insulation
  7. Easy to Install
  8. Lower Maintenance Costs
  9. Easy to be replaced
Glass Fiber ReInforced Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

Technical Aspects: Size: 595MM X 595MM
Fiber Content:>80%
Thickness: 15MM
Sag Resist: 100% sag resistant
Edge: Tegular Ceiling Attenuation Class:35-40db
NRC Value: 0.9
Fire Performances: A1( flame speed 0-25)
RH Value: 95%,98%,99%
Thermal conductivity:<0.065w/mk
Light Reflection capacity: Minimum 85%
Its available in a wide variety of designs

Decorative Breadings
We offer Decorative Gypsum Beadings which has high strength, high toughness,Strong impact resistance which are avalialble in various designs as per clients specifications.

  1. Strong and durability
  2. Fire resistance
  3. Mildew and worm resistance
  4. Moisture proof
  5. Sound/heat insulated
  6. Light-weight
  7. Yellowing resistance
  8. Water-proof
  9. Easy-clean
  10. Smooth surface
  11. Clear flower pattern
  12. Excellent constructive performance
Center Panel

We are determined to provide superior quality Decorative Wall & Centre Panels to the esteemed customers. These wall panels are designed and developed under the guidance of experienced professionals, keeping in the varied requirements of the customers at vendors’ end. Our Decorative Wall & Centre Panels are fire proof, termite proof, light in weight, easy to install, and require low maintenance. These panels make the walls as well as ceilings quite attractive. We provide these wall panels to the customers at affordable prices.
Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate/GRG is made up of pure high quality gypsum, blended with glass fiber & proprietary chemicals.

  1. Resistant to sagging.
  2. Water and fire resistance
  3. Life time guarantee
Metal Ceiling Tile

The clients can avail from us premium quality Metal Ceiling Tiles. All Metal Ceiling Tiles are finely finished, and thus are ideal for interior decoration purposes. These Metal Ceiling Tiles are made of galvanized iron with 0.4 mm & 0.5 mm thickness, available in powder coating & pre coated.

  1. Resistant to sagging.
  2. Impressive performance
  3. Water and corrosion resistance
  4. Aesthetic Look
  5. 5 yrs guarantee
Steel T Section

The Steel T Section, we offer, includes main tee, cross tee and wall angle. Our Steel T Section is rotary-stitched, for torsion strength and stability to deliver optimum performance. The Steel T Section, we offer, features a unique connection design for easy and hassle-free installation. Our Steel T Section is known for its accurate grid size and robust construction.

    Ø24mm Plain T-Grid
  1. Main Runner 12ft
  2. Cross Tee 4ft
  3. Cross Tee 2ft
  4. Wall Angle 10ft

  5. Ø15mm T-Grid Silhoute
  6. Main Runner 12ft
  7. Cross Tee 4ft
  8. Cross Tee 2ft
  9. Wall Angle 10ft

  10. Ø15mm T-Grid Select
  11. Main Runner 12ft
  12. Cross Tee 4ft
  13. Cross Tee 2ft
  14. Wall Angle 10ft

  15. Ø15mm Plain T-Grid
  16. Main Runner 12ft
  17. Cross Tee 4ft
  18. Cross Tee 2ft
  19. Wall Angle 10ft

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