Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling tiles

Gypnosite Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling is a premium product that has earned wide acclaim for indoor ceilings in public places such as airports, restaurants, hotels, petrol pumps and in the corporate world. The ceiling is the perfect blend of beauty and utility…Some of the incredible features of these ceilings include thermal insulation, fireproof, sound absorption, mold proof, sag resistant and more. These ceilings are environment friendly and energy saver! We offer wide varieties of acoustic mineral fiber ceiling with various designs and finish. We also undertake customized orders.

Technical Aspects
Surface Coating: Factory Applied Vinyl Latex print
Size: 595MM X 595MM
Fiber Content:>80%
Thickness: 12MM,13MM,15MM
Sag Resist: 0.2mm below
Edge Type: Square & Tegular

Design: Micro Tegular, Tegular & Square Edge Ceiling Attenuation Class:35-40db NRC Value: 0.5 up to 0.7

Special specifications/ designs can be supplied on special order.
Mineral cotton as the main raw material, filled with perlite for materials, modified starch binder, a one-time news for the pulp fiber reinforced materials, by adding additives, the pulping, the substrate made of high temperature and high pressure , the substrate by embossing, such as perforation of processing, surface primers, spraying with a decorative materials. Surface roughness, smooth, pure color, no colourdifference, design variety, sound absorption, fire resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sag resistance, class A decoration materials.

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