Open-Cell Ceiling System for Stylish and Structural Ceilings

Open Cell Ceiling System

When it comes to accentuate your ceiling system, there is something you always look for is your own specific preference. You’ll need some Big WOW factor there, because that’s what will give that desired look you are looking for. For that reason, there are available numerous options with range of blades and ceiling shapes that […]

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Here’s When You Find the Best Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Importer

To improve the aesthetic value and to add design flexibility, Gypsonite offers its largest selection of acoustic mineral fiber ceiling tiles for a cleaner, more monolithic look. Acoustic ceiling panels are used effectively to improve the quality of sound in the room. This is highly recommended for conferences halls with a lot of echo. They […]

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Baffle Acoustic Ceiling Systems- Picking the Product

Baffle Ceiling Systems

When we talk from a design point of view, Baffle Ceiling systems offer a distinct pattern with a linear open ceiling.  However, they are easy to install and offers easy access to ceiling for maintenance. Gypsonite offers Baffle Ceiling systems that are customizable and desired shapes and dimensions can be given to suit specific project […]

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Why Linear Metal Ceiling Systems are a Priority?

Linear Metal Ceiling Tiles

Do you love the creative potential of linear metal ceiling system? Not only do these ceiling system cover up any imperfect area, but they also attract attention with architectural designs and decorative flourishes. These systems work wonder for both interior and exterior applications and can be incorporated into all projects big and small. Right from […]

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Get Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Installed for Right Acoustic Control

With the inception of the dropped ceiling almost a century ago, came the creation of the ceiling tile. A creative approach, dropped ceilings were architecturally designed to conceal building infrastructure, including wiring, piping,and duct work. This has allowed easy access for maintenance. For a long time, the mineral fiber tile was one of the most […]

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