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Dig Into the Facts before Getting Gypsum Boards and Gypsum False Ceiling Tiles

admin   April 20, 2020

Dig Into the Facts before Getting Gypsum Boards and Gypsum False Ceiling Tiles

What we all knew, it was probably the wall and the flooring that took priority over the ceiling and how it was done up- the floor got the best marble and the walls plastered and painted in vibrant hues, what about the ceiling? The ceiling remained plain and bare. Then came the trend, followed by decorated ceiling designs that drastically changed the way we ornate the house.

Today, the false ceiling, commonly known as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, has gone way beyond the mundane flat ceiling, and has become the focal point. Such a lovely variety of false ceilings we seen in homes, offices, restaurants, shopping complexes, and theatres are generally the second ceiling is placed below the main structural ceiling. They can also make for an aesthetically improved much cleaner design, by concealing wires and ventilation pathways.

Suspended Ceilings- What’s the Hype?

Suspended ceilings or dropped ceiling or false ceilings- as the name implies, they are suspended above from the structure, usually a roof or slab. This creates a narrow space between the structure and the surface of the ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are hung from brackets that are fixed to the roof or slab. These brackets support a series of metal sections, forming a grid, into which panels can be fitted. The tiles can be removed to get in the ducts and pipes above.

Below are outlined some of the main advantages of suspended ceilings.

Concealing pipes and wires: It saves you from making costly repairs and painting. Suspended ceilings conceal visual imperfections that can be ignored or don’t affect the performance of MEP installations. This allows easy maintenance – simply remove the panel to repair, and place it back when done.

No Hassle Installations:  They are easy and quick to install in offices and homes. In businesses or offices, where less interruption of work is preferable, a suspended ceiling can be done quickly with less time being wasted.

Electrical Components Easily Installed: An added advantage of suspended ceiling is lighting fixtures and other appliances can be easily installed.

Fireproofing: Suspended ceilings, that are fire resistant,can offer up to an hour of protection to allow evacuation.

Insulation: It provides insulation while lowering the conditioned spaces. Thus, energy bills are reduced, since the space being cooled or heated becomes smaller.

About Gypsum Board

Gypsum is a popular material used for false ceilings and dry wall partitions because of its properties like lightweight, thermal and sound insulation,and fire resistance. It’s available as Regular Gypsum , Fire Resistant and Moisture Resistant Board. The boards can be finished either with any paint or with laminates or as desired with any other materials. Gypsum boards give a luxurious feel to the ceiling and dry wall partition saves the load on the structure.

All Purpose Gypsum Tile Ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling tiles are used in offices, warehouses, storage areas,utility rooms,or any other interior or ceilings that are economical and attractive in nature. The ceilings are supported by suspended ceiling grids.

Besides being attractive, these gypsum tiles are durable and provide cleanliness to the particular area. Structurally, they come with vinyl laminated that can effectively seal out dirt, moisture and odours. The vinyl surfaces are quite stain resistant. They can also withstand time and repeated cleaning with damp cloth.

With the laminated vinyl finish, the ceiling tile is itself adorned and there is no more need for additional finishing.

The gypsum false ceiling tiles are also Government registered. They can be  easilyinstalled in standard suspended ceiling grids. Maintenance is easy and lightly rubbing the surface with a cleaning solution or simply damp cloth or sponge using soap or detergent will remove dirt and marks. Strongsolvent cleaners and steel wool are a big NO for cleaning the boards.

Depending on your specific requirement, you can chooseyour preferable suspended false ceiling on the basis of different thickness and designs. You cantake suggestion of our sales teamwho will recommend you the ideal gypsum false ceiling tile for your space. For more information, please visit our website @ Let us help you make your ceilings come alive with a little imagination and innovation.

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