Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

Get Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Installed for Right Acoustic Control

admin   August 17, 2020

With the inception of the dropped ceiling almost a century ago, came the creation of the ceiling tile. A creative approach, dropped ceilings were architecturally designed to conceal building infrastructure, including wiring, piping,and duct work. This has allowed easy access for maintenance. For a long time, the mineral fiber tile was one of the most cost-effective choices for dropped ceilings. Now, years later many residential and commercial spaces are still using outdated tiles.

Standard mineral fiber tiles are the perfect ceiling tile material to make all the difference. These are made up of a combination of glass, wool and slag fibers. Considering the features, the mineral fiber tiles are thick, heavy and good at sound absorption. To manage the acoustic response is an important factor when deciding ceiling type you want to install. In terms of effectiveness, mineral fiber ceiling tiles are the recommended option as they perform well in both low and high frequencies.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

One of the major benefits of mineral fiber ceiling tiles is that they are comparatively heavier and denser than the ones that are made of fiberglass. Because of this exceptional feature they perform better at impeding sound travelling from one place to another. This feature also allows these panels to do better in higher frequency environments.Get the quotations today for mineral fiber ceiling tiles at Gypsonite!

Fiber Glass Ceiling Tiles

Installing fiberglass ceiling tiles, on the other hand, will be more effective in keeping a room calm and quiet than mineral fiber. The low-density feature of fibre glass panels are the added benefits of being extremely resistant to sagging and moisture. While you avail all these benefits, there is the negative side of the density being lower making it difficult to restrict the sound within the room.

Which One is Best for You? 

We have discussed above the two types of ceiling panels. These two types of ceiling panels both have their respective benefits and drawbacks. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a one or the other situation though. When you contact a design professional, he/she can maximize the control over the acoustics of a room by making a combination of a sound-absorbing panel with the one that will be capable of restricting the sound waves from escaping. When these two types of panels are used together, they provide maximum range of acoustic control. If you want creative design along with acoustics at your priority list, then take advantage of these two working together to get an excellent result.

Adjust the Acoustics the Right Way

If you are revamping a room and need to make sure the acoustics are done right then look no further than the combination of mineral & fiberglass ceiling tiles. Our experts at Gypsonite will help you make a unique choice when it comes to select the best panels for your project and make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the final result. Contact us today to get started! With us you can get great deals at affordable pricing!

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