Open Cell Ceiling System

Open-Cell Ceiling System for Stylish and Structural Ceilings

admin   May 12, 2020

When it comes to accentuate your ceiling system, there is something you always look for is your own specific preference. You’ll need some Big WOW factor there, because that’s what will give that desired look you are looking for. For that reason, there are available numerous options with range of blades and ceiling shapes that allow people to explore the variety and play with lines. It is the perfect solution for every project that requires exclusive design to enhance a space by adding something unique and special to its dimension and aesthetics.

Variety of Colours and Size options for Open Cell Ceiling System

You might prefer a classic stylish grid design- whatever your requirement, you will definitely find your ideal ceiling at Gypsonite. We keep on updating our online inventory with endless varieties of open cell ceiling systems that are available in a variety of colours. You can choose to install an open cell ceiling system that suits your taste. Of course, it can also be applied to a section of the ceiling, for a playful tone, or to highlight a certain partition.

The design of an open cell ceiling can be made even more attractive with the incorporation of appropriate lighting. Thus, you can get your ceiling system designed by professionals to get the combination of good lighting and an impressive ceiling that is a sight to be appreciated.

Considered to be one of the best ways to add attractions to your ceilings, open cell metal ceiling systems are quite demandable for its unique design, ability to accommodate air diffusers and lay-in light systems. Its features are varied with multiple cell options grids make it worth installing and giving a stylish edge to otherwise ordinary ceilings. The beauty of this ceiling system is such that the different shades of the ceilings available will allow for quality presentation. In this world of latest and trendy ceiling, open cell holds prime importance.

Let us look at the features and benefits

  • An open cell ceiling design with modular cell element will surely provide a unique  look to any indoor space
  • Each unit is made up of aluminium alloy strip that easily blends in with main runners and cross runners
  • Easily installed ceiling system and removable cell elements makes it an easy access to plenum above
  • Multiple cell element height options are available
  • There are available a wide range of colours to achieve a customised effect

Gypsonite offers designers and users a wide variety of different application possibilities, according to the criteria of integrated architecture. Our open-cell ceiling system is mostly used to screen technological facilities, for integrated lighting purposes and to adjust heights and to make it homogeneous and join otherwise uninteresting spaces.

Contact us for a detailed and customized ceiling. If you want us to build one of the unique and stylish open cell ceiling systems, we would love to build you the ceiling of your choice and we assure to do it professionally. Our delivery system is fast and we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. So when you approach us, you will soon enjoy your open cell ceiling system. Why don’t you give it a try!

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