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Resolve Acoustic and Noise Problem in Commercial Space with Baffle Ceiling System

admin   October 23, 2020

Amongst different kinds of ceilings available, baffle ceiling system has the quality to maintain acoustic appearance and offer non-intrusive solutions to common noise control problems. Baffle ceiling is an indisputable winner when it comes to giving a modern touch to any ordinary looking space cost-effectively. It modulates sound refection and is ideal for creating a unique atmosphere within a space. Different materials are used for making acoustic baffle ceiling, which varies from wood, steel to aluminium. Which material will work the best is one question designers and architects can answer in a best manner.

What Makes Baffle Acoustic Ceilings System Work?

The old commercial buildings feature inexpensive materials, which are easy to install, clean and paint. Even those construction materials score low on acoustic appearance.  Some of these materials are metal roof decking over bar joists, painted concrete block, drywall to name a few. When sound generation takes place in such buildings, the sound hit the surfaces and bounces back for creating additional noises. This is known as an echo. These buildings give a rise to a number of problems including garbled speech, inability to understand warning announcements and speech intelligibility. The ideal and cost-effective solution to this problem is addition of sound absorption for reducing the reflection of sound waves. And this is possible by using acoustic baffle sound ceiling system.

The sound baffles come with NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Rating. Higher would be the rating, better would be the sound absorbing quality. The different materials used for making baffles determine its noise performance. Besides noise reduction, some other unique traits of baffle ceilings are they are light to medium weight, good fire-resistant quality and have long life. Owing to all these reasons, these kinds of ceilings are ideal to install in open spaces with hard surfaces such as in:

  1. Pools
  2. Cafeterias
  3. Auditoriums
  4. Clubhouses
  5. Conference Halls
  6. Metal Buildings
  7. Theatres

If you contact baffle ceiling system distributors, you will find acoustic baffles vary in orientation, material, appearance and performances. Amongst various options, the two preferred choices of designers and architects are:

Simple Baffle: If you want simple yet stylish look, simple baffle acoustic ceiling systems are the best to choose. This kind of ceiling is straightforward yet having acoustic feature. It utilizes vertical blades mechanism for reducing noise and softening sound reflection. It is easy to connect with any kind of existing ceiling condition. Even in spaces with high ceilings, simple baffles in drop-down style add a visual flair for acoustic comfort. This kind of ceiling is mounted with below mentioned mounting options:

  1. Direct-Mount U-Channel: It is a perfect choice for wood ceilings or drywall.
  2. Premium: It is easy to install with hanging system or even via direct mounting.
  3. U-Channel: It accepts threaded bolt with a cable or chain hanging.

H-Baffle: It is a stylish and refined solution and considered as an ideal solution to install in conference rooms, offices, lobbies or any other commercial space.It is a sound baffle acoustic ceiling system as it greatly reduces sound with a single unit.They are easy to install either directly to drop ceilings or even accommodate high ceilings by hanging with chains.The H-baffle ceiling is available in a variety of customized shapes, sizes and colour finishing.

If you are looking for high-quality product at economical rates, make it a standard practice to buy baffle ceiling system from reputed manufacturers or distributors. They will offer different varieties of baffle as per your budget and requirement. Even they share general baffle ceiling tips for installation that ensure smooth and hassle-free installation. These general tips are:

  1. If you have hired any architect or designer, discuss with them draw ceiling plans and mounting details so that they can arrange all material in advance for speedy installation.
  2. If you are revamping your existing space, they will accordingly prep the space and clear the existing ceiling if required.
  3. Some kinds of baffle ceiling system require special tools for installation. Based on the material and design chosen, they will arrange such tools if require.

Hence, it is clear installing acoustic baffle ceiling system is a cost-friendly and effective way to contribute towards an acoustic environment. However, the few precautions which are important to take with acoustic baffle are proper maintenance and installation by professionals. The professionals follow and implement the best practices so that baffle system get a long life without any repair.

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