Fabric Acoustic Panels

One of our clients came to us and shared his problem with us and asked us for a solution. He said he has immense love for music and loves playing different instruments. He is even a part of a music group and often take part in various programs. During their practice sessions, they find it difficult to practice throughout the day or late night because their neighbours get disturbed from the continuous sound. This led his step towards us in search of a solution. Fortunately he came to the right company, where we provide solutions for experiencing pure music while recording or playing our instruments, without effecting the environment with noise pollution.

The Fabric Acoustic Panels sold by our company is the solution and we proudly claim that with this new age technology of superior quality acoustic panels, such entertainment or music rooms can be created that can control high noise levels in your home or in your music studio. This is not only helpful for musicians, but they are also a great solution for people who live in areas that are affected by higher noise levels. By using the acoustic panels in a room, the homeowners can live peacefully in their homes, by cutting off any outside noise pollution.

The panels offered by our company, Gypnosite can be used for various purposes, like it can be installed in music recording studios, auditoriums, theatres, radio and television stations, any type of entertainment venues, boards or conference rooms, or any other such place where you would want to control the sound level. They can be installed on ceilings, walls or flooring and this makes the intended room soundproof. With our product installed, no sound will go out of the room, neither any outside sound will enter the room. These panels are designed not only to help in controlling the sound but it also enhances the aesthetical look of your room as it is designed in such a way so as to match the interior of any room where you want soundproofing.

You can find a variety of materials with which acoustic panels are made, but today we will be talking about our fabric made panel. Our Fabric Acoustic Panels are good for sound absorption and for controlling noise for different types of rooms like in restaurants, studios, rooms for recording sounds, conference rooms, and many more where sound control is required. The fabrics used for these panels can be made of cotton or any other material that can absorb sound. Usually, the cotton used is the recycled one to help reduce the ambient noise levels in a room. It also reduces excessive reverberation where it is installed.

What Our Acoustic Panels Offer

As already mentioned above, our high quality acoustic panels are the ultimate solution to make your home, office or music studio a soundproof one. Hence, the major advantage that one can get using this product is that, they are superb item for absorbing sound, and also reducing sound echoes. We can confidently say that they can improve the quality of sound since the sound will not go out and also the echo will be reduced, so they make great choice for installations for recording or music rooms.

Another advantage you can get upon purchasing our acoustic panels is that they are very easy to install. It is convenient because you can easily install it without the need to make too many changes to the existing style of your interior settings. These are available with us in a wide range of prices as well as technical specifications. So, you have the freedom to select any desired acoustic panelling system that will suit your budget.

These panels offered by our company, Gypnosite, are large in size, soft-furnished and it can be strategically placed within your room to improve the sound quality. You can cut it into your desired shape and size and can customise it to fit and compliment the design of your room.

Our main aim to design the Fabric Acoustic Panels is to remove the residual sound in any space. Get it installed correctly in your room, and see the magic of how it absorbs and diffuses the sound from the first point of reflection.

If you are a business owner and facing sound issues in your office too, installing our sound absorption panels will be beneficial for both your employees and your visitors or customers. This will ultimately benefit you and our business. Let’s see how-

Improved sound quality

By absorbing the unwanted sound using our absorption panels, you can make other necessary sounds much clearer. For example, in your conference room, you would definitely want the speech to be very clear so that everyone can here them properly and also clear sound attracts more concentration.

Stress level is also reduced

As our panel cuts out the unwanted noise, it can help in reducing stress levels too. When people can be able to hear clearly, they are less chances of becoming irritated and frustrated that might occur due to inability to understand what is actually being said.

The environment welcomes everyone

Because of us, you can attract more customers into your business. How? Just imagine that you have walked into an office or a restaurant, but once you stepped in, you are hit by a wall of noise. Will you be going back to that restaurant again if you wish to spend quality time with your family or friend in a peaceful manner? Cutting the excessive noise makes room for a more welcoming and pleasant environment where people will love to come to get some peace. In case of office, your staff will be able to hear the request of your customers clearly, and the conversation between both will take place at a comfortable level. This again is beneficial because your customers will stay longer and in consequence will spend more money.

After spending your valuable time reading this blog, hope you won’t ever let your neighbours complain about getting disturbed during your practice session, or you will never ever give a chance to your employees to get distracted due to the inability to hear properly, neither you will let your customers go away with dis-satisfaction. You now the solution to all these problems, and it is none other than the Fabric Acoustic Panel of Gypnosite.

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