Raised Flooring offers a versatile solution for creating elevated floor systems in various commercial and industrial environments.

Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring offers a versatile solution for creating elevated floor systems in various commercial and industrial environments. It provides flexibility for accommodating cabling, electrical, and HVAC systems while offering easy access for maintenance and modifications. The following specification is based on standard industry practices and materials.

Panel Specifications:

  • Type: Raised Flooring Panel
  • Size: 600 x 600 mm
  • Thickness: 30 mm – 33 mm
  • Material: Light-weight non-combustible cementitious compound injected into the inner empty core of the panel
  • Finish Type: Epoxy coating with Multi-Layer Corrosivity heavy-duty, anti-corrosive Resin
  • Fire Rating: Non-Combustible
  • Pedestal Axial Load: 22.5 kN
  • Ultimate Concentrated Load: 1080 kg (3 times the working load)
  • Rolling Loads: 310/210 kg (per CISCA AF Rolling Load 10/10000 Passes)
  • Pedestal Overturning: 113 N x Meter
  • Test Standards: BS EN 12825 / PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU


Pedestal Specifications:

  • Design: Suitable for achieving a minimum finished floor height of 150 mm – 300 mm from the existing floor level
  • Assembly: Provides easy adjustment of leveling and accurate alignment of panels
  • Material: Zinc electroplated components for enhanced durability
  • Pedestal Head Assembly:
  1. Consists of a 65 x 65 x 3.0 mm embossed head mechanically riveted to a 50-80 mm long rolled formed stud
  2. Includes 2 check nuts for level adjustment and arresting vertical movement
  • Pedestal Base Assembly:
  1. Consists of 19 mm – 25 mm OD beaded pipe riveted to the base plate of 100 x 100 x 2 mm thick with stiffening folds for enhanced strength
  2. Designed to withstand an overturning moment of 113 Nm as per CISCA 2007 Section 5


Installation Guidelines:

  • Installation should be carried out by experienced professionals familiar with raised flooring systems.
  • Pedestals should be anchored to the floor with suitable adhesive or screws recommended by the consultant/manufacturer.
  • Panels should be accurately aligned and securely placed on the pedestals to achieve the desired finished floor height.
  • Ensure proper spacing between panels for access to underfloor utilities and for expansion/contraction.



  • Data centers, server rooms, and telecommunications facilities
  • Office buildings, commercial spaces, and retail environments
  • Educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and laboratories
  • Industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, and cleanrooms


Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Raised Flooring panels and pedestals are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in material and workmanship. Warranty terms and conditions may vary; please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for details.