Glass Fiber ReInforced Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

Made from superior quality, unadulterated gypsum and fiber glass, our glass fiber reinforced gypsum ceiling tiles are durable, sturdy and long lasting with high strength. The tiles are fireproof, attenuates sound, moisture proof and has a smooth finishing. The tiles are erosion resistant, non deformable and can be fixed without any gaps, thus giving you an even, smooth surface. The tiles are easy to install. Available in wide variety of designs, the tiles are environmental friendly with minimum 85% light reflection. The 100% sag resistant tiles will serve you for a long, long time.

Technical Aspects: Size: 595MM X 595MM
Fiber Content:>80%
Thickness: 15MM
Sag Resist: 100% sag resistant
Edge: Tegular Ceiling Attenuation Class:35-40db
NRC Value: 0.9
Fire Performances: A1( flame speed 0-25)
RH Value: 95%,98%,99%
Thermal conductivity:<0.065w/mk Light Reflection capacity: Minimum 85% Its available in a wide variety of designs

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