Glasswool Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Glasswool is a fibrous material made from cullet or the melted glass raw materials. Loosewool and superfine are two varieties of glasswool having varied lengths and diameters. It is light in weight and has excellent sound absorption and thermal properties. All these traits make glasswool as one of the best materials for ceiling tiles. So, if you are looking for a high-quality glasswool acoustic ceiling tiles to enhance the look of any commercial setting, no need to look further than Gypsonite.

Gypsonite- A Leading Glasswool Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Distributor, India

We have been distributing the highest standards of glasswool ceiling tiles in varied shapes and sizes to our domestic as well as international customers.  We deal in highly acoustic glasswool ceiling tiles that are hardened as well as sealed from the edges for imparting dimensional stability with perfection. Backed with a fibre glass tissue for preventing the chances of disintegration, our tiles are easy to choose in various edges ranging from regular to square. Glasswool acoustic ceiling tiles are perfect to install in office spaces as they reduce the noise level and echo, and thereby increase the productivity of employees.

Best Application Areas

Glasswool ceiling tiles have excellent sound absorption properties along with improved light reflection. Moreover, they are anti-abrasive and support robust construction. They are available with fine cuts, perfect finishing and in beautiful designs with textures like black matt, white, white matt, etc. These qualities make them ideal to install in lecture halls, conference and meeting rooms, meditation and yoga centres, multiplexes, pubs and bars. Made with sophisticated technology and as per ongoing market trends, these tiles have extensive uses in different industries. It is important to choose the colour of these tiles carefully to enhance the overall decor of a place and increase its functionality. For instance, black coloured glasswool acoustic ceiling tiles are ideal to install in theatres to reduce light reflectance.

Benefits with Gypsonite

Backed by years of industry experience, we are actively engaged in distributing the extensive range of glasswool ceiling tiles across India and abroad. We believe in dispatching orders at clients’ sites once these are cleared quality standards as set by the industry. Longer operational life and sturdy construction are two factors that give us an edge over our competitors and make us a trustworthy glasswool acoustic ceiling tiles distributor in the national and international market. Thus, when customers purchase tiles from our leading store, they get the assurance of getting the best product at the most competitive price.

So, place your order of glasswool acoustic ceiling tiles in your preferred size, shape, thickness, dimensions and textures and get them delivered within the specified time frame. We are extremely passionate about on-time delivery of our wide range of ceiling tiles, and fortunately, our extensive distribution network never disappoints our clients on this front. Feel free to speak to our customer care team in case you have any customized requirements. We feel happy to help by fulfilling your made-to-order requirements of glasswool ceiling tiles.

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