Linear Metal Ceiling System

Gypsonite presents quality architectural ceiling and linear metal ceiling systems. Our wide range of standard and custom ceiling systems makes us one of the best sources for linear metal ceiling. Considered as the contemporary panels, our linear metal ceiling system holds significance for developing dynamic ceilings.

Linear Metal Ceiling

Well structured to meet the interior as well as exterior needs, our linear metal ceiling system allows exclusiveness and variability of designs. These panels have the excellence to create dynamic ceilings together with gentle rolling waves. Its functional design provides endless access with a trifling obligation. Each and every aspect of our linear ceiling system holds importance for effectively controllingsound systemand enabling easy functioning of tasks without difficulty.

Besides optimizing acoustics, Gypsonite metal ceiling systems can contribute to the peace of mind by providing rigorous performance requirements for humidity, fire, wind loads,earthquakes and sustainability. Since linear ceilings are made of metal, they do not absorb water and do not support mold or microbial growth.These attributeguaranteeindoor air quality and occupant health.We have coil coated as well as powder coated, galvanised iron and aluminium material, plain and perforated design.

The strength and durability of metal ceiling systems assists in reducing waste ending up in landfills. Metal ceiling systems are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their lifetime usage as a ceiling. With little or minimal maintenance, these systems have shown to give reliable performance for decades.Our metal ceilings are characterised by precise standards of make and finish, and by the fact that they can be used universally. We offer standardisedceilings as well as individual design ceilings and project solutions. With top-notch functionality and optional additional features, our linear metal ceilings can be adapted to meet even more specific needs.

Why Us?

Designers and architectural experts prefer to use our linear metal ceiling systems to create beautiful, comfortable spaces that add a touch of luxury to your living, support sustainability and provide peace of mind. Choosing from the exact sizes and breadth of panels, colours, curves and perforations, the entire system achieve that perfect look they want and the required performance they need. We are also appreciated for our cost-competitive ceiling systems and the ease of installation of panels, contributing to labour savings and on-time completion. This is why people approach Gypsonite for their architectural construction and linear metal ceiling systems.

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