Open Cell Ceiling System

The suspended Open Cell ceiling is in great demand these days not only in the Indian market but globally. This ceiling system adds value to the overall interiors of a space where open as well as lightweight constructions are preferred. It is one of those ceiling systems that is available in 7 modular cell dimensions and in 2 profile heights. The ceiling scores extremely well in functionality, aesthetical appearance, environmental friendliness and durability.Capable of creating attractive lighting and shadow effects, this kind of ceiling acts as a ceiling mask to the plenum and becomes the center point of attraction. We, at Gypsonite, have been offering stylish ranges of open cell ceiling systems to worldwide customers at an affordable price range.

What is “Open Cell Ceiling”?

It is a mesh panel in the form of metal cells, a frame that is attached to the wall.Such panels are made of stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized iron, and commonly available in U-shaped. Customers have vast choices when it comes to colours, which are otherwise vary from matt and glossy finishes. The base consists of intermediate and bearing guides and is mounted using 600 x 600 mm grilles. By creating such repetitions of individual grids – a picture of a uniform canvas is created and visually distinguishes it by the transparency and lightness of the pattern, which is a popular trend of late. These ceiling systems support an integrated suspension system with cross and main runners.

Advantages with Open Cell Ceiling Systems

The key aspects of the open cell ceiling systems are they are capable to accommodate lay-in light systems, sprinklers, ventilation systems and air diffusers seamlessly and the suspended raster ceiling does not restrict access to communications while hiding them. Besides adding unmatchable grace to any space, open cell ceiling has its series of other advantages also that are as follows:

  • Cell elements are easy to install as well as removed without any special tool.
  • Ceiling Plenum is quick to access
  • This ceiling is also available as swing-down, tile, sliding and hook-in
  • It is an ideal way to visually reduce the room height whilst making no compromise with original room volume
  • It is a fireproof material with smooth edges and high durability
  • It ensures optimum temperature control
  • The powder-coated finishing impartsan attractive appearance
  • It gives a stylish appearance when used with T-15 grids and modular cell element
  • It is made from high-quality material that blends with cross and main runners seamlessly
  • It is available in distinctive shades and patterns
  • The common cell sizes are

50mm * 50mm

100mm*100mm, 150mm*150mm and 200mm*200mm

  • It is easy to customize with different colours and finishing

Because of all these features and benefits, the Open Cell Ceilingis commonly installed in commercial areas where the open and lightweight ceiling is required. Office buildings, medical institutions, entertainment complexes, terminals of stations and airports, public catering establishments, concert halls, department stores, saunas, swimming pools, etc., are a few places that will turn aesthetic with acoustic open cell ceiling system.

Gypsonite- The Trailblazer in Manufacturing and Distribution of Open Cell Ceiling Systems

We believe in offering the best material to our customers at best possible rates, thus our manufacturing process takes place under the supervision of industry professionals and passes through multiple stringent tests for ensuring to meet the international standard of quality when it comes to production. This level of commitment makes us the first choice in open cell ceiling system for commercial establishments across the globe. Our clients widely appreciate our wide product range due to optimum quality, excellent durability and competitive prices. Available in various designs, colours and styles, it is easily available in beautiful finishing and adds grace to surroundings.

We believe in forming long-term relationships with our esteemed customers, therefore offer them bespoke solutions. If customers have any customized requirements, they should feel free to discuss with us as this is one of those ceilings where the scope of customization is quite high. So, specify your requirements and get the final product matching to your industry requirements and expectations. Do not make a delay and contact us today!

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