Perforated Gypsum Ceiling Board

As one of the leading distributors of high-quality gypsum products, Gypsonite houses a broad range of perforated gypsum boards and ceiling tiles to meet any national and international requirements of any scale. As a distributor, we feel that the demand for perforated gypsum ceiling tiles and boards remain high all the year round due to superior finishing, thermal insulation properties and acoustic appearance. In the contemporary time, the ceiling becomes an important element of room decor. Therefore, companies are paying special attention by choosing such material, which is easy to maintain, score high on functionality and acoustic in nature. Perforated gypsum tiles top the chart when it comes to choosing tiles for dust-free interiors. This seems to be the reason why Gypsum remains the first material choice of ceiling solution for pharmaceutical companies and computer rooms as they require little or no maintenance.

Made from incombustible gypsum, the ceiling tiles contain gypsum plaster and laminated with metalized pet foil and anti-static PVC film on the back and front side respectively. These tiles are available with simple or laminated finishing in varied thicknesses. Easy to paint in any colour, the tiles are ideal to install in cinema halls, home theatres, recording studios, libraries and auditoriums. Some of the main benefits of using perforated Gypsum ceiling tiles are:

  • Available in various sizes and styles i.e 2400mm x 1200mm, 595mm x 1195mm & 595mm x 595mm.
  • Acoustical improvement
  • Hiding ducting and ugly look of structure like beams.
  • Thickness from 9mm upto 12.5mm
  • Fire-resistant
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Light reflectance by reflecting more light and reducing the electricity cost
  • Soil and dirt-resistance
  • Echo and sound reduction
  • Sound absorption

Besides ceiling tiles, meeting the state-of-the-art ceiling requirements is possible with perforated Gypsum boards. The boards come with different holes’ patterns and in endless designs for acoustic appearance.  Striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, the square and round holes patterns are the most preferred holes patterns for commercial ceilings. When a company purchases large-sized gypsum boards from our leading store, it will get the following advantages:

  • High-quality hole patterns in endless varieties ranging from capsule, square to circle
  • Available in white colour
  • Excellent sound absorption quality with acoustic appearance
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Easy installation with no hassle of maintenance

These qualities of perforated gypsum board make it ideal ceiling options for schools, offices, shopping malls, hospitals to name a few.

When it comes to meeting commercial demands of perforated Gypsum boards and ceiling tiles, we at Gypsonite are competent to meet any national and international demands. With our vast distribution network, we ensure to provide on-time delivery to our customers within a specified time frame. Our prices are unbeatable in the market and complemented with customer-friendly exchange and return policies. So, feel free to discuss your requirements with us. In case, you need our expert help to make a decision, we are happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

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