PET Polyester Acoustic Panels

Do you feel irritated when sounds from other rooms disturb you? And then there are places, where you feel that the sound vibrating is not causing any noise pollution. This is due to upgraded technology and superior quality of acoustic panels that can control noise in a room. You will find it in museums, movies halls, concert rooms, and restaurants. In addition, these panels are even used in some homes, where they are surrounded by a higher level of noise. When you install these panels, you can cut down the noise of the outside world and live peacefully inside.

Gypsonite brings to you the best in quality of PET Polyester Acoustic Panels. These are made of 100% PET finish and are smooth to touch and felt. Being porous, one can use it in the absorption of sound, thermal, and heat insulation, and is an Eco-friendly product.

Why do we believe that this is the right product for your place? For it is durable and absorbing material that is made of recycled polyester. Being a responsible one, Gypsonite brings to you an environment-friendly product. You can find the use of PET Acoustic Wall Panels in theatres, gymnasiums, concert halls, home theatres, auditoriums, meeting rooms, conference rooms, recording studios, and even in many homes.

So what makes it better than the Fiber glass wool, rock wool, or Wood wool board? Made of Polyester, these panels are easy to handle, are quite light, and are easy to install. They are most preferred by interior designers and architects for their pre-finished surfaces and availability in different colors. Amongst all-acoustic panels, the PET Polyester Acoustic Panels are found to be the most sought after.

There are more to its characteristics:-

  • They are easy to install- They can be easily glued to any plastered wall. It can be used in any other form of the board such as Gypsum Board, cement board, and plywood. We bring it to you in varied colors and can be cut into any shape and size. So you can also stick these panels all by yourself
  • Comes with high acoustic characteristics- These are known for their noise reduction. We believe noise pollution should be avoided as much as possible. Though we might not be able to the outside noise. But we can help you out with these acoustic panels so that your ears and your peace of mind are not disturbed. The NRC value of these products is between 0.75-and 0.80. It is because of these reasons, we suggest that you can install it in recording studios, your office, theatre or even at your homes.
  • You can easily keep it clean- In this busy world, additional work will create more hindrance. Keeping that in mind, we bring to you these products that are made of high-quality polyester material, and come in very high-density material. Which makes it very easy to maintain. Either by a vacuum cleaner or if you don’t have one, you can wipe it by regular dusting. With this simple way you can easily maintain the aesthetics, and look of the panels. Easy maintenance
  • We are environment friendly- PET products are known for their environment-friendly products. They are made of 80% of recycled PET and 20% of Virgin PET. As compared to Mineral Rock Wool or Fiber Glasswool, the Acoustic panels are devoid of harmful products.
  • It can be used for quite a long time- We at Gypsonite vouch for our high-quality products. We want you to have products that have longevity. Since these products are made of high-quality raw materials, they require less maintenance. Making the product for a long period, without changing the panels every other year.
  • Heat and thermal insulation- When you install it in the room, you will find that the room feels cool. The panels insulate the room from heat to an extent. Thus, after installing it in the room, you will feel less heat.

Gypsonite specializes in the best quality Acoustic panels. We believe that in any kind of room, sound matters, apart from the aesthetics of the room. Acoustic paneling is becoming popular nowadays, with people wanting to control the noise. Hence, you will find its usage no more limited to theatre, restaurants, or museums, but also homes. People nowadays are working from home and want that it should be less noisy. Also, we ensure you that you will find a whole lot of collection in the Acoustic panels, which is easier to install. These installations do not hinder the décor of your house in any way.

Since they are made of PET, which is one of the best quality. PET or Polyethylene terephthalate is a thermoplastic polymer resin. This is made of recycled transparent plastic. Hence, what you are installing in your house does not only make it soundproof but also environment friendly.

These not only soak up noise in the room but also give an aesthetic look to your space. While we will advise you to include acoustic design before your space is filled in. However, most designers are unable to find how the room will be used, and if it will be noisy or maybe less. And so it is to your advantage to find the key source of the noise. In any case, you can orient the space with the right Acoustic panels. It is because you can blend the panels into the background, or might try to accentuate your aesthetic interior. Without compromising anything in the room, we suggest that you can still put up the paneling.

At Gypsonite we believe we are not only eco-friendly and stopping noise pollution, with PET Acoustic Wall Panels, we are also helping you to look after the health and wellness of yourself and the community you are living in. It should be part of your building design since it will be both for eyes and ears.

Many will claim to provide you with the best acoustic panel, but we do not claim it, we see to it that what goes to your place is the best and nothing less.

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