Baffle U-strip Ceiling

What is a baffle U-strip ceiling?

The Baffle U-strip ceiling is a liner-type ceiling, in which we used a U-strip panel on the alternative space and hung those in the ceiling with the help of a U-strip carrier.

Baffle U-strip ceiling concept:

Sometimes the project requirement is the only lavish, beautiful look along with some acoustic properties. On those places, ceiling presentation as royal, exclusive, and beautiful gets most important. So, keep those requirements in mind, and a new type of ceiling will be developed under the name of baffle U-strip ceiling.


1. Easy to install.
2. Lightweight
3. Beautiful Look.
4. Various possibilities to create more design.
5. Good acoustic properties.
6. Easy to uninstall and reinstall in case of any repair in the plenum.

Acoustic Properties:

In the baffled ceiling, panels installed at an alternative space in the perpendicular direction, those panels just distract sound waves and create a sufficient acoustic environment from the ceiling side.

If you need more acoustic properties you may go with perforated panels. For acoustic properties basically use punching in the panels which are called perforation. The standard diameter of the punching hole is 1.8mm and 2.5mm. Those days many types of punching available like square, rectangular, and people with the help of punching creating different designs also on panels. After perforation to improve more acoustic property, paste non-woven acoustic fleece inside the panels. These perforated panels absorb and district both do with sound waves and create acoustic environments.

Insulation Properties:

Due to the absence of a plenum between the main and false ceiling in the baffle false ceiling, it not provides and insulation from the ceiling side. If you need insulation, then you can use glass wool or rock wool inside panels, but it will be a costly one.


The baffle ceiling has many possibilities to create a new design:

1. Heights of Panels: To create the design, we can choose different height panels for a single place, ex. In the area of 1 sq., we decide the width of panel 50 and center to center gap in panel 150mm. Then we can choose panel as 200mm,175mm,150mm,125mm,100mm,75mm, 50mm. we can install those a straight or alternative pattern.

2. Different Color Pattern: You may make pattern on the basses of different color combination.

3. Create Figure: you may create different figure like oval, square, triangle with the help of baffle panels.

4. Wooden finished Coating

Metal Baffle Ceiling System

AAHigh Bay Lights

Specification of High Bay Lights (UFO) Light Type :  High bay lights 200W LUMIN:  27000 Plus Lumens powered by OSARAM LED POWER SUPPLY (Waterproof –

admin   May 17, 2022

Specification of High Bay Lights (UFO)

Light Type :  High bay lights 200W

LUMIN:  27000 Plus Lumens powered by OSARAM LED

POWER SUPPLY (Waterproof – IP65)

Input voltage: AC100-320v

Output voltage: DC50-80v

Output current: 700mA±10mA

OVP 320v cut off, OTP (105°C)

UVP HPF (PF0.96), n=0.89

Surge: 6kv THD<10%

440V with one week sustained

Warranty:2 Years

AAWood Wool Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Gypsonite offers wood wool acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels made from environment friendly and recyclable natural materials. The unique characteristics

admin   August 17, 2020

Gypsonite offers wood wool acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels made from environment friendly and recyclable natural materials. The unique characteristics of natural materials make it functional and create an aesthetic appearance in any room. Wood wool is one material, which is available in scores of combinations easy to differ on the grounds of size, shape, color, edges, thickness and dimensions. Our extensive collection of wood wool acoustic wall panel will make an eye-catchy addition to any room owing to the availability in patterns like stripes, lines, check, arch and curves. So, browse our extensive collection and choose the one that meets your requirements and fit within your budget.

Advantages with Wood Wool Ceiling Tiles & Panels 

1. Natural Material: It is 100% natural made from materials like cement, wood and water. These natural materials are eco-friendly, recyclable and provide unique characteristics to the ceiling tiles and panels.

2. Heat- Accumulating: The natural materials of wood wool store heat from the ambient air present in the surroundings and emit it as and when the temperature falls. This ensures warm climate indoors and reduce the electricity bills.

3. Moisture- Resistant: These tiles absorb moisture from the ambient air and discourage the growth of mold. The high pH value maintains pleasant indoor climate, which paves the way to healthy and comfortable life.

4. Fire-Proof: The wood wool acoustic ceiling tiles and panels have protective cladding of class 1 coating, which makes it a fire-resistant material.

5. Sound-Proof: It is a perfect ceiling material to install in buildings and public spaces as it has excellent sound absorption qualities. The material not only reduces noise but also contributes to eye-appealing acoustics in both covered and open area.

Both for choosing the correct tiles and installation services, you can rely on our professionals. So, disclose your requirements to us and get wood wool acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles in various shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

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AALinear Metal Ceiling System

Gypsonite presents quality architectural ceiling and linear metal ceiling systems. Our wide range of standard and custom ceiling systems makes us one of the

admin   July 11, 2020

Gypsonite presents quality architectural ceiling and linear metal ceiling systems. Our wide range of standard and custom ceiling systems makes us one of the best sources for linear metal ceiling. Considered as the contemporary panels, our linear metal ceiling system holds significance for developing dynamic ceilings.

Linear Metal Ceiling

Well structured to meet the interior as well as exterior needs, our linear metal ceiling system allows exclusiveness and variability of designs. These panels have the excellence to create dynamic ceilings together with gentle rolling waves. Its functional design provides endless access with a trifling obligation. Each and every aspect of our linear ceiling system holds importance for effectively controllingsound systemand enabling easy functioning of tasks without difficulty.

Besides optimizing acoustics, Gypsonite metal ceiling systems can contribute to the peace of mind by providing rigorous performance requirements for humidity, fire, wind loads,earthquakes and sustainability. Since linear ceilings are made of metal, they do not absorb water and do not support mold or microbial growth.These attributeguaranteeindoor air quality and occupant health.We have coil coated as well as powder coated, galvanised iron and aluminium material, plain and perforated design.

The strength and durability of metal ceiling systems assists in reducing waste ending up in landfills. Metal ceiling systems are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their lifetime usage as a ceiling. With little or minimal maintenance, these systems have shown to give reliable performance for decades.Our metal ceilings are characterised by precise standards of make and finish, and by the fact that they can be used universally. We offer standardisedceilings as well as individual design ceilings and project solutions. With top-notch functionality and optional additional features, our linear metal ceilings can be adapted to meet even more specific needs.

Why Us?

Designers and architectural experts prefer to use our linear metal ceiling systems to create beautiful, comfortable spaces that add a touch of luxury to your living, support sustainability and provide peace of mind. Choosing from the exact sizes and breadth of panels, colours, curves and perforations, the entire system achieve that perfect look they want and the required performance they need. We are also appreciated for our cost-competitive ceiling systems and the ease of installation of panels, contributing to labour savings and on-time completion. This is why people approach Gypsonite for their architectural construction and linear metal ceiling systems.

To know more about our linear ceilings, please explore our website. Reach out to us and call us for assistance.

Fire Resistant Gypsum Board

AADig Into the Facts before Getting Gypsum Boards and Gypsum False Ceiling Tiles

What we all knew, it was probably the wall and the flooring that took priority over the ceiling and how it was done up- the floor got the best marble and the

admin   April 16, 2020

What we all knew, it was probably the wall and the flooring that took priority over the ceiling and how it was done up- the floor got the best marble and the walls plastered and painted in vibrant hues, what about the ceiling? The ceiling remained plain and bare. Then came the trend, followed by decorated ceiling designs that drastically changed the way we ornate the house.

Today, the false ceiling, commonly known as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, has gone way beyond the mundane flat ceiling, and has become the focal point. Such a lovely variety of false ceilings we seen in homes, offices, restaurants, shopping complexes, and theatres are generally the second ceiling is placed below the main structural ceiling. They can also make for an aesthetically improved much cleaner design, by concealing wires and ventilation pathways.

Suspended Ceilings- What’s the Hype?

Suspended ceilings or dropped ceiling or false ceilings- as the name implies, they are suspended above from the structure, usually a roof or slab. This creates a narrow space between the structure and thesurface of the ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are hung from brackets that are fixed to the roof or slab. These brackets support a series of metal sections, forming a grid, into which panels can be fitted. The tiles can be removed to get in the ducts and pipes above.

Below are outlined some of the main advantages of suspended ceilings.

Concealing pipes and wires- It saves you from making costly repairs and painting. Suspended ceilings conceal visual imperfections that can be ignored or don’t affect the performance of MEP installations. This allows easy maintenance – simply remove the panel to repair, and place it back when done.

No Hassle Installations:  They are easy and quick to install in offices and homes. In businesses or offices, where less interruption of work is preferable, a suspended ceiling can be done quickly with less time being wasted.

Electrical Components Easily Installed: An added advantage of suspended ceiling is lighting fixtures and other appliances can be easily installed.

Fireproofing: Suspended ceilings, that are fire resistant,can offer up to an hour of protection to allow evacuation.

Insulation: It provides insulation while lowering the conditioned spaces. Thus, energy bills are reduced, since the space being cooled or heated becomes smaller.

 About Gypsum Board

Gypsum is a popular material used for false ceilings and dry wall partitions because of its properties like lightweight, thermal and sound insulation,and fire resistance. It’s available as Regular Gypsum , Fire Resistant and Moisture Resistant Board. The boards can be finished either with any paint or with laminates or as desired with any other materials. Gypsum boards give a luxurious feel to the ceiling and dry wall partition saves the load on the structure.

All Purpose Gypsum Tile Ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling tiles are used in offices, warehouses, storage areas,utility rooms,or any other interior or ceilings that are economical and attractive in nature. The ceilings are supported by suspended ceiling grids.

Besides being attractive, these gypsum tiles are durable and provide cleanliness to the particular area. Structurally, they come with vinyl laminated that can effectively seal out dirt, moisture and odours. The vinyl surfaces are quite stain resistant. They can also withstand time and repeated cleaning with damp cloth.

With the laminated vinyl finish, the ceiling tile is itself adorned and there is no more need for additional finishing.

The gypsum false ceiling tiles are also Government registered. They can be  easily installed in standard suspended ceiling grids. Maintenance is easy and lightly rubbing the surface with a cleaning solution or simply damp cloth or sponge using soap or detergent will remove dirt and marks. Strong solvent cleaners and steel wool are a big NO for cleaning the boards.

Depending on your specific requirement, you can choose your preferable suspended false ceiling on the basis of different thickness and designs. You can take suggestion of our sales team who will recommend you the ideal gypsum false ceiling tile for your space. For more information, please visit our website @ Let us help you make your ceilings come alive with a little imagination and innovation.

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Gypsonite is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of trend setting false ceiling products. We offer a broad range of products including Gypsum

admin   April 13, 2020

Gypsonite is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of trend setting false ceiling products. We offer a broad range of products including Gypsum Blocks, Gypsum plasters for one coat plaster on walls, Metal ceilings- both perforated and plain made of aluminium or coated galvanized iron, Ceiling T grids, Pvc laminated Gypsum ceiling tiles, Mineral Fibre ceiling Acoustic and Magnesium oxide ceiling tiles which are both water and fire resistant.

Our core strength includes impeccable quality, immaculate finish and latest designs that match international standards. With our strong network of distributors pan India, we deliver our products directly on site. We are proud of maintaining 100% on-time delivery record.

Our clients span across India as well as in major African, Gulf & Middle Eastern countries. We also offer our products to stockists in India.

AAFire & Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

Fire causes major losses not only to human lives but to property also. Thus, it makes sense to live and work in fire-safe buildings by installing

admin   June 5, 2018

Fire causes major losses not only to human lives but to property also. Thus, it makes sense to live and work in fire-safe buildings by installing fire-resistant gypsum board for ceiling purposes. Gypsum board is one of the best fire-resistant structural materials and is also known as drywall. It consists of different layers of gypsum sandwiched between different sheets of paper. Suitable to install both in residential and commercial settings, we at Gypsonite take pride in supplying different lengths and styles of gypsum boards to customers at affordable rates, thereby earning the recognition as one of the most reputed fire-resistant gypsum board distributors in India.

Different Kinds of Fire Rated Gypsum

The chemical formulation of Gypsum includes water, which makes it a perfect fire resistive barrier. In addition to this, gypsum also contains glass fibre reinforcement allowing gypsum to hold fire in a better manner. So, when any gypsum drywall or board exposed to fire, the water component starts releasing steam and results in heat transmission.

We act as a one stop solution provider of fire and moisture resistant gypsum board distributor as we keep an extensive stock of different kinds of fire-rated gypsum boards. These include:

  1. Type X: It is a board with 5/8 inch of thickness and a minimum fire rating of 1 hour.
  2. Type C: An improved version of Type X, it is available in two thickness sizes: ½ inch and 5/8 inches. As compared to Type X, it has more glass fiber reinforcement which makes it a superior fire-resistant material than Type X. It has fire holding capacity up to 4 hours.

Advantages with Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board

  • Competent to hold fire up to maximum 4 hours.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • An acoustic appearance when used along with floor or ceiling system.
  • Both Type X and Type C Gypsum board are effective materials for controlling unwanted noise owing to their density and mass. Thus, they make a great addition to theatres, auditoriums, etc.
  • Easily available in different lengths and thickness on demand. The standard length varies between 1800 to 4500 mm.
  • Ideal to use in bathrooms, garage, basement, hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms, airport, metro stations, corporate buildings, etc.
  • Available at the most competitive rates in the market.

Moisture and fire-resistant gypsum boards intended to use in those buildings where fire protection is of utmost importance. These boards are equally good to use for creating fire-rated partition and ceiling systems.  So, make a smart investment in your building by purchasing fire-resistant gypsum board over moisture-resistant board from a leading distributor like Gypsonite. We deal with both tapered and square edge board that customers can choose as per their preferences. So, disclose your requirements today!


Waterproof ,damproof,moisture-proof, heat-prevent

Lightweight, thermal insulation,easy to install.

Lower maintenance costs ,easy to be replaced

AABaffle Ceiling System

Both from an aesthetic and functionality point of view, the Baffle ceiling system makes an excellent choice. It is an open kind of ceiling construction, which

admin   May 2, 2022

Both from an aesthetic and functionality point of view, the Baffle ceiling system makes an excellent choice. It is an open kind of ceiling construction, which hung vertically in various combinations and patterns and give a unique look and feel to any space. Also known as hanging baffle metal ceiling and acoustic sound baffle, this suspended kind of ceiling system is an excellent choice for large spaces having limited wall space and restricted access to ceiling services. Made up of wood, aluminum and any sound-absorbing material, these ceilings create a unique room atmosphere with their distinctive look. At Gypsonite, both industrial and retail customers will find the best quality baffle acoustic ceiling system in various dimensions and shapes and at unbeatable rates.

Unique Features of Baffle Ceiling System

  • Easy to install both on curved and vertical surfaces.
  • Open ceiling design accompanied by bolt-on panels offers a flawless look to any indoor space.
  • Easy to customize panel ends and spacing as per ceiling and wall curvatures’ requirements.
  • Bolted bracket easily and safely holds the panel and is easy to access.
  • Available in a wide range of wood tones and colors.

Advantages of Baffle Acoustic Ceiling System

The baffle ceilings come with endless benefits. Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below:

Good Acoustic: The acoustic comfort in any commercial space helps in improving the overall well-being of occupants. For instance, an acoustic baffle ceiling helps in noise reduction. This is one of the properties, which make baffle one of the most sought-after ceiling choices for office spaces, commercial complexes, schools, theatres, etc. This kind of ceiling panel controls the sound echoing and allows employees to work comfortably by keeping communication issues at a bay. At Gypsonite, we aim to deliver a high-quality baffle acoustic ceiling system that reduces noise pollution and creates a pleasing and work conducive environment.

Creating Attractive Space: The interiors of a commercial building are the first thing customer notices as soon as he enters into the building. If a customer does not like the atmosphere of any space, the likelihood of visiting the place again reduces greatly. Thus, creating an attractive space to create an inviting experience for customers is crucial. Using a baffle ceiling system is one step in the direction. Now, it is possible to change the overall look of any space by fixing acoustic baffles at different levels and angles.

Fire-Resistance: Besides noise reduction and creating visually appealing spaces, baffles score high with regard to fire protection. This makes them an ideal choice for restaurants, pubs, airports and many other commercial spaces.

Endless Ceiling Colors: Customers as per their project requirements can choose baffle ceilings in different finishing ranging from wood tones, and chrome finish to metallic colors. We even cater to custom color matching requests of customers.

Cost-Effective Choice: Though different kinds of acoustic ceiling solutions are available in the marketplace, no option is as affordable as a baffle. Companies usually spend scores of money to give their simple office a modern look by using wires and pipes. Baffles will help them to achieve the desired look by reducing their budget significantly.

Availability in Different Variations: The baffle ceiling tiles are available in various sizes in the market. Some of the most popular sizes used for indoor and outdoor applications are 30*100mm, 50*25mm, 40*60mm, 40*75mm, and so on.

Easy Installation: Last but not the least, easy installation of the baffled ceiling reduces hassles for experienced technicians. A professionally installed baffle gives easy access to the plenum of the ceiling and even eases the task of installing PA system, sprinkles and lighting.

Why Gypsonite?

We are one of the most trusted manufacturers, distributors and importers of false ceiling products in the Indian market.  We cater to both national and international markets and have been gaining an appreciation for supplying high-quality baffle ceiling systems to African, Gulf and Middle-East Countries on a regular basis. We believe in forging long-term relationships with our customers by supplying international quality products. Sensing the fact, we source our entire range of false ceiling products from manufacturers, who enjoy a sound reputation in the marketplace.

We are confident to produce baffle ceiling products with a wide variety of finishes, colors and textures to give any space unmatchable visual appeal. Our world-class design and fabrication processes helped us to gain applause on national and international grounds. When any customer strikes a deal with us, he will experience the following advantages:

  • High-quality baffle ceiling system with a range of color, design and texture options.
  • Customization is possible as per their requirements with regard to shape, design, dimension, colour to name a few.
  • We have been offering international standard products at honest-to-goodness prices.
  • Offering reliable solutions to both industrial and retail customers.
  • Complete transparency with regard to products and pricing.
  • Satisfactory customers’ portfolio as our baffle acoustic ceiling systems is installed in various educational institutions, restaurants and commercial buildings successfully worldwide.

In case, customers need any kind of assistance, our expert team is there to help them. Simply disclose your requirements and the team will assist you in making an informed choice within your budget and matching your expectations.