Open Cell Ceiling System

To define simply, an open-cell ceiling system comprises a repeated pattern of “cube” shapes imparting an unbroken appearance and the finished ceiling giving a waffle-like appearance. This kind of ceiling is extremely helpful for creating a spacious appearance indoors where light and open constructions are required. Due to its aesthetic appearance and light open ceiling construction, installing the ceiling is an excellent solution in high-traffic areas.

Amongst different false ceiling options available in the marketplace, the open-cell ceiling system looks unique and visually appealing.  Due to these factors, manufacturers and architects are specifying it. At Gypsonite, you will get the highest quality open-cell ceiling system in different colors, shapes and dimensions at affordable rates. We have been manufacturing and importing different kinds of ceiling systems across the world and thus, are competent to meet any scale of commercial and residential demands of customers.

Unique Features of Open Cell Ceiling System

  1. It is available in two patterns: linear shape and cube.
  2. It is easy to install with a T-grid system, U profile or integrate carrier with springs.
  3. It is commonly available in aluminum or steel material.
  4. Ease of installation and removal of cell elements make it easier to access the plenum above.
  5. It is available in myriad cell element heights and modular cell dimensions.
  6. Achieving customization effect is easy with open-cell ceiling due to availability in a wide range of colours.

Advantages of Open Cell Ceiling System

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Sheer beauty is one of the main advantages of this kind of false ceiling system. It is possible to create a visually pleasing effect on any roof with this kind of ceiling.
  2. Availability in Various Colors and Finishes: The ceiling is available in both standard pre-coated and standard RAL color finishing. Customers can even mix and match different colors and opt for a unique color and design as per their tastes and fashion. Even the ceiling scores extremely high with regard to versatility. The robust ceiling accommodates different kinds of modules ranging from squares, pyramids to rectangles.
  3. Seamless Integration: Any fire control and detection system along with air conditioning systems, air diffusers and safety systems are easy to integrate with an open-cell ceiling in a seamless manner. This solves the dual purposes- a professional installer can experiment with different kinds of fixtures like piping and cabling without affecting the acoustic appeal of the ceiling.
  4. Highly Durable: Aluminum is the most common material used for open cell ceilings and it is highly durable. The aluminum plate of the ceiling system is dotted with fire-resistant and heat dissipation properties making it an ideal choice for commercial and high-foot traffic areas.
  5. Adequate Ventilation & Lighting:  Superior quality of ventilation is one of the most highly recommended features of an open-cell ceiling system. In those spaces where sufficient natural ventilation is not present, the open cell ceiling makes a welcome change. The added advantage of the open cells is they spread light evenly in the entire area.

Last but not the least, an open-cell ceiling requires minimal maintenance as compared to other acoustic ceilings.

Common Applications

Gypsonite offers open cell ceiling systems of the highest standards to worldwide customers. Dotted with an exceptional level of acoustical quality, the ceiling makes a beautiful addition in all those spaces where a lower ceiling height is desirable without altering the roof height. Even this ceiling is ideal for buildings that require lightweight, open ceilings and have small plenum depths. Such kinds of buildings include offices, airports, train and metro stations, hospitality environments, etc.

Gypsonite- One-Stop Solution Provider of Open Cell Ceiling Systems

By offering world-class ceiling systems, we take pride in redefining the living standards of our customers. We aspire to offer the best false-ceiling products to our worldwide customers at the best rates. And for achieving our objective, we source different kinds of ceilings from OEM manufacturers, who use industry-standard raw materials and modern technology. Moreover, all manufacturing process takes place under the supervision of industry professionals, and are tested multiple times for meeting international standards. This distinguishing factor makes us one of the most reliable distributors of open-cell ceiling systems not only in India but across the globe. From time to time, our clients appreciate our wide range of ceiling products owing to our optimum quality, excellent durability and competitive prices.

We believe in forming long-term relationships with our esteemed customers, therefore we never fail to offer them customized solutions. If customers have any customized requirements, they should feel free to discuss them with us as the scope of customization is quite high with regard to open cells and other ceilings. So, specify your unique requirements and get the final product matching your industry requirements and expectations. To find out other useful information regarding the installation of open cells or any other ceilings, get in touch with us today!

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