Wood Wool Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Gypsonite offers wood wool acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels made from environment friendly and recyclable natural materials. The unique characteristics of natural materials make it functional and create an aesthetic appearance in any room. Wood wool is one material, which is available in scores of combinations easy to differ on the grounds of size, shape, color, edges, thickness and dimensions. Our extensive collection of wood wool acoustic wall panel will make an eye-catchy addition to any room owing to the availability in patterns like stripes, lines, check, arch and curves. So, browse our extensive collection and choose the one that meets your requirements and fit within your budget.

Advantages with Wood Wool Ceiling Tiles & Panels 

1. Natural Material: It is 100% natural made from materials like cement, wood and water. These natural materials are eco-friendly, recyclable and provide unique characteristics to the ceiling tiles and panels.

2. Heat- Accumulating: The natural materials of wood wool store heat from the ambient air present in the surroundings and emit it as and when the temperature falls. This ensures warm climate indoors and reduce the electricity bills.

3. Moisture- Resistant: These tiles absorb moisture from the ambient air and discourage the growth of mold. The high pH value maintains pleasant indoor climate, which paves the way to healthy and comfortable life.

4. Fire-Proof: The wood wool acoustic ceiling tiles and panels have protective cladding of class 1 coating, which makes it a fire-resistant material.

5. Sound-Proof: It is a perfect ceiling material to install in buildings and public spaces as it has excellent sound absorption qualities. The material not only reduces noise but also contributes to eye-appealing acoustics in both covered and open area.

Both for choosing the correct tiles and installation services, you can rely on our professionals. So, disclose your requirements to us and get wood wool acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles in various shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

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