Baffle Acoustic Ceiling System

Acoustic sound baffle, popularly known as baffle ceiling system, is an open-kind of ceiling construction that provides an aesthetic view and easy to install in the plenum area. It is a kind of drop out or suspended ceiling system that makes an ideal choice for large places with limited wall spaces. Available in various combinations and materials, it supports construction from wood, aluminum and such materials that reduce the noise level of airborne sound and even ease the task of installation of lighting, sprinklers, PA systems, etc.  At Gypsonite, industrial customers will get the best quality of the baffle ceiling systems at rock-bottom prices.

Advantages with Baffle Acoustic Ceiling System

The baffle ceiling holds a unique position in the acoustical market. Easily accessible with countless possibilities in design and execution, its high-quality suspension system ensures efficient functioning. Creating an unusual room’s atmosphere, baffle ceiling is ideal for reducing reverberating sound and mitigating the level of noise pollution. It is highly fire-resistant, light-weight and easy to install. This is the main reason that commercial places like concert halls, conference rooms and theatres seem to prefer installing baffle acoustic ceiling systems where high sound quality is of paramount importance. Besides, it gives aesthetic look to the space where it installed. This is the main reason that the baffle ceiling is rated as a highly acoustic ceiling system for commercial setups.

Attractive Ceiling Variations

We at Gypsonite offer baffle ceiling in various designs and sizes. We maintain an extensive variety of baffle acoustic ceiling systems for outdoor and indoor applications. Available in aluminum and galvanized iron material, we have been offering the premium quality of baffle ceiling that fits seamlessly on curved and vertical surfaces. Though available in various uni-colours, industrial spaces look remarkably beautiful with wood tones, chrome finishing and special metallic colours. We are ready to fulfil every customized colour requirements of customers upon request.

Gypsonite – A One Stop Provider for High-Quality Baffle Acoustic Ceiling System

We have been offering top-of-the-line ceiling systems to our customers worldwide. We give utmost importance to quality standards, therefore import baffle ceiling from those manufacturers that never compromise on material and machinery. It is a known fact that superior quality ceilings demand a one-time investment and their durable nature lowers the cost of the product during its life cycle. Thus, we strive to offer premium quality of ceiling solutions that outweigh the cost of purchasing and installation in the long run.

Our baffle acoustic ceiling systems have been receiving high appreciation from commercial and industrial clients due to their excellent sound reverberation quality. We feel the pride to announce that our clients value our products and pricing structure, and even give us references as a goodwill gesture to help us expand our footprint in the competitive business landscape.

So, just have a look at our extensive stock of baffle ceilings and choose the finishing, size and style as per your industrial requirements.

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