With their sleek and modern appearance, acoustic cloud ceilings seamlessly integrate into various architectural styles.


The Polyester Fiber Acoustic Cloud offers an effective solution for controlling noise and enhancing acoustics in interior spaces while adding a visually striking design element.

These clouds are constructed from high-quality polyester fiber material, designed to absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation within a room. Suspended from the ceiling, these clouds create a dynamic and aesthetic focal point.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cloud Material:
  1. Polyester Fiber: High-density polyester fiber material with superior acoustic properties.


  • Cloud Dimensions:
  1. Standard Sizes: Various sizes available, typically ranging from 600 mm to 2400 mm in diameter in circular, Square, Triangular and Hexagon shape.
  2. Standard Thickness: 30 mm


  • Suspension System:
  1. Clouds are suspended from the ceiling using a durable and adjustable suspension system.
  2. Suspension cables and hardware are typically included for easy installation.


  • Acoustic Performance:
  1. NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient): Typically ranging from 0.70 to 0.90, depending on cloud size and thickness.
  2. Excellent sound absorption properties, reducing reverberation and improving overall acoustics in the room.


  • Fire Performance:
  1. Clouds are manufactured with fire-resistant polyester fiber material, meeting relevant fire safety standards.
  2. Class A fire rating ensures compliance with building codes and regulations.


  • Installation Guidelines:
  1. Installation should be carried out by experienced professionals familiar with acoustic cloud installations.
  2. Clouds are typically suspended at varying heights to create a visually dynamic ceiling layout.
  3. Ensure proper alignment and spacing between clouds for optimal acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal.


  • Color Options:
  1. Clouds are available in a variety of colors and finishes to complement different interior design schemes.
  2. Custom color options may be available upon request, subject to minimum order quantities.


  • Cleaning and Maintenance:
  1. Clouds can be cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.
  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools to prevent damage to the cloud surface.


  • Applications:
  1. Offices, conference rooms, meeting spaces
  2. Educational facilities, classrooms, lecture halls
  3. Auditoriums, theaters, cinemas
  4. Hospitality venues, restaurants, hotels
  5. Retail stores, showrooms, exhibition halls


  • Environmental Considerations:
  1. Polyester fiber material is eco-friendly and recyclable, contributing to sustainable building practices.
  2. Clouds are free from harmful chemicals and emissions, promoting a healthy indoor environment.


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty:
  1. Clouds are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in material and workmanship.
  2. Warranty terms and conditions may vary, please refer to manufacturer documentation for details.