Acoustic wall paneling offers both aesthetic appeal and functional sound management.

Lay-In Metal False Ceiling

The GYPSONITE Lay-In Metal False Ceiling System offers a versatile and durable solution for various architectural spaces. This system comprises visible structural framing with specific-sized tiles that are laid into the frame.

The following technical data sheets provide detailed information on the features, advantages, acoustic properties, insulation properties, design considerations, sizes, material selection guidelines, best places for installation, and material requirements for GYPSONITE Lay-In Metal False Ceiling Systems.


Design Versatility: The GYPSONITE Lay-In system provides ample scope to create diverse designs using different color and combination options.

Durability: High-quality materials and construction ensure the longevity of the GYPSONITE false ceiling system.

Ease of Installation: The GYPSONITE system is lightweight and straightforward to install, making it suitable for various construction projects.

Acoustic Enhancement: Perforations in the GYPSONITE tiles aid in sound absorption and distribution, improving the acoustic environment of the space.

Insulation: The closed-type ceiling creates a plenum between the main and false ceiling, contributing to insulation and temperature control. Additional insulation materials like glass wool or rock wool pads can be incorporated for enhanced insulation properties.

Material Options: The GYPSONITE Lay-In Metal False Ceiling System is available in Galvanized Iron (GI), Aluminum, and Stainless Steel (SS), offering flexibility in material selection to suit specific project requirements.

Tile Types:

  • Plain Tiles: Standard tiles without perforations, suitable for various applications.
  • Perforated Tiles (2.5 mm Diameter Hole): Tiles with perforations of 2.5 mm diameter holes, enhancing acoustic properties.
  • Micro-Perforated Tiles (1.8 mm Diameter Hole): Tiles with micro-perforations of 1.8 mm diameter holes, providing superior acoustic performance.
  • Tegular Tiles: Tiles designed to be laid on a 24 mm T-grid, with specific measurements for exposed area, drop, and flange.
  • Micro Tegular Tiles: Tiles designed to be laid on a 15 mm T-grid, with specific measurements for exposed area, drop, and flange.


NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient): The NRC is a measure of a material’s ability to reduce noise by absorbing sound. It ranges from 0 to 1, with higher values indicating better sound absorption. The NRC rating for each tile can vary depending on factors such as material composition, perforation pattern, and backing material. Standard tiles may have NRC ratings ranging from 0.50 to 0.70.

RH% (Relative Humidity): The RH% indicates the relative humidity level at which the tiles can perform optimally without experiencing damage or deterioration. Standard tiles in the GYPSONITE Lay-In Metal False Ceiling System are designed to withstand typical indoor relative humidity levels, which range from 30% to 70%. However, specific RH% ratings may vary depending on the material composition and surface finish of the tiles.

Exposed Area, Drop, and Flange Measurements:

Tile Type

Exposed Area Measurement

Drop Measurement

Flange Measurement


575 mm x 575 mm

12 mm

8 mm

Micro Tegular

582 mm x 582 mm

8 mm

5 mm

Best Places to Install:

Ideal locations for GYPSONITE Lay-In Metal False Ceiling Systems include banks, exhibition halls, showrooms, factories, lobbies, malls, stadiums, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, Hospitals (specially in ICU using Anti-microbial coating) and more.

Material Requirements:

  • Material:  Tiles: 595×595 mm, 595x1195mm, 295x1195mm etc.
  • Main Runner: 3000 mm and 3600 mm, Cross Runner:  1200 mm, Cross Runner: 600 mm, Wall Angle: 3000 mm
  • Hardware: Anchor Fastener, 4 mm GI Rod/ 2 mm GI Wire, Butterfly/Levelling Clip, Screw/Rowel Plug


Installation Guidelines:

  • Ensure uniform installation of edge profiles on all sides.
  • Space the main c-channel carriers at 1-1.2-meter intervals.
  • Maintain a distance of 1-1.2 meters between suspension rods.
  • Properly insert tee grid runners into each other.
  • Use gloves during installation to ensure safety.
  • Check runners and tiles for stains or spots before installation, and clean if necessary.



The GYPSONITE Lay-In Metal False Ceiling System offers a combination of design versatility, durability, ease of installation, acoustic enhancement, and insulation properties. Available in various tile types and materials, this system provides flexibility to meet diverse project requirements. By following the technical data sheets and installation guidelines, you can achieve a successful installation that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of any architectural space.