Acoustic wall paneling offers both aesthetic appeal and functional sound management.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) acoustic wall slats are a popular choice for creating aesthetically pleasing and sound-absorbing wall paneling in various environments, such as offices, recording studios, home theaters, and restaurants.

Material: MDF acoustic wall slats are typically made from medium density fiberboard, which is an engineered wood product composed of wood fibers and resin, formed into panels under high temperature and pressure.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the slats can vary, but common sizes include a width of around 132 mm, 192 mm, 235 mm, 294 mm and a thickness of approximately 15 mm & 17 mm. The length of each slat is 2435 mm.

Acoustic Performance: The primary purpose of MDF acoustic wall slats is to enhance sound absorption and reduce reverberation in a space. The slats typically have a specific design or pattern, such as grooves or perforations, to optimize sound diffusion and absorption properties. The exact acoustic performance will depend on factors like the slat design, thickness, density, and the backing material used.

Finishes and Colors: MDF acoustic wall slats are available in a variety of finishes and colors to suit different design preferences. They can be painted, laminated, veneered, or have a natural wood finish. Common color options include various shades of white, gray, brown, and black, but other custom colors may also be available.

Installation: MDF acoustic wall slats are typically designed for easy installation. They may come with pre-drilled holes or tongue-and-groove edges to facilitate mounting on walls or substrates. Some slats may have concealed fixing systems to maintain a seamless appearance.

Fire Resistance: Depending on the intended use and local building codes, MDF acoustic wall slats may have fire-resistant properties. They can be treated with fire-retardant coatings or manufactured with specific fire-rated materials to improve their fire performance.

Products Data:




132 mm /192 mm/235 mm/294 mm


2435 mm


15 mm, 17 mm


MDF 700-750 Kg/m3, HDMR 800-850 kg/m3

Groove Pattern

13/3, 21/3, 24/3

NRC (With Glasswool/ Rockwool Backing)


Fire Resistant

Consider BITRA FR Test report

Installation Method

Channeled Clip

Panel Backing

8 mm/10 mm Perforation with Acoustic Fleece


+/- 0.5 mm