Acoustic wall paneling offers both aesthetic appeal and functional sound management.

Extruded Baffle Linear Ceiling

An Extruded Baffle Ceiling System Is a Type Of Suspended Ceiling System That Uses Extruded Aluminum Baffles As Its Primary Building Element. The Baffles Are Long, Narrow Strips That Are Hung from The Ceiling With Clips Or Cables, Creating a Series Of Parallel Lines Across The Ceiling.

These Baffles Can Be Designed In Various Sizes And Shapes To Achieve Different Aesthetic Effects, Including Curved Or Angled Profiles. They Can Also Be Perforated Or Slotted To Enhance Acoustic Performance Or To Allow For Lighting Fixtures To Be Integrated Into The Ceiling.

Extruded Baffle Ceiling Systems Are Popular In Modern Architecture For Their Sleek, Contemporary Look And Versatility. They Can Be Used In a Variety Of Spaces, Including Offices, Schools, Retail Stores, And Other Commercial Or Public Buildings. They Are Also Easy To Install And Maintain, Making Them a Cost-Effective Choice For Many Projects.

The Technical Specifications Of An Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceiling System Can Vary Depending On The Specific Product And Manufacturer. However, Here Are Some General Technical Specifications That May Be Applicable To Many Systems:

  • Material: Extruded Aluminum Alloy, Typically 6063-T5 Or 6061-T6
  • Baffle Size: Varies Depending On Design, But Commonly Range From 25mm To 200mm In Width, And From 30mm To 300mm In Height
  • Baffle Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Length: Custom Lengths Available, With Maximum Lengths Ranging From 3m To 4m
  • Finish: Anodized, Powder Coated, Or Painted In a Variety Of Colors And Finishes
  • Acoustic Performance: Some Systems May Have Perforations Or Slots To Enhance Acoustic Performance, With Nrc (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Ratings Ranging From 0.50 To 0.85
  • Fire Rating: Many Systems Meet Fire Safety Standards, Such As Class A Per ASTM E84 Or Class 0 Per BS 476-6 And BS 476-7
  • Sustainability: Many Systems Are Made From Recycled Materials And Can Be Recycled At The End Of Their Life cycle, Contributing To Sustainability Goals


The Installation Method For An Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceiling System Can Vary Depending On The Specific Product And Design, But Here Are Some General Guidelines:

  • Planning And Preparation: Before Starting The Installation, Ensure That The Ceiling Structure Is Suitable For The Baffle Ceiling System, And That All Electrical, Mechanical, And HVAC Systems Are In Place. Confirm The Layout Of The Ceiling, Including The Spacing And Orientation Of The Baffles.
  • Install The Suspension System: The Suspension System Consists Of Metal Tracks, Wires Or Rods That Are Installed On The Ceiling. The Tracks Should Be Level And Properly Spaced According To The Design Of The Baffle System.
  • Attach The Clips: The Clips Are Used To Attach The Baffles To The Suspension System. The Clips Are Typically Per-Attached To The Baffles, And They Should Be Spaced Evenly Along The Length Of The Baffles.
  • Hang The Baffles: Hang The Baffles from The Suspension System By Attaching The Clips To The Wires Or Rods. The Baffles Should Be Installed in a Straight Line And Spaced Evenly Apart.
  • Connect The Baffles: Some Baffle Systems Require the Baffles to Be Connected To Each Other With Special Connectors. Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions to Ensure Proper Installation.
  • Finish The Installation: After All The Baffles Are Installed, Ensure That They Are Level And Properly Aligned. Make Any Necessary Adjustments And Tighten All The Clips.
  • Clean Up: Remove Any Debris And Clean Up The Work Area.


Here Are Some General Characteristics Of Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceiling:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceilings Offer a Modern And Stylish Appearance That Can Be Customized To a Variety Of Sizes, Shapes, Colors, And Finishes To Suit Any Design Requirements.
  • Lightweight And Durable: Extruded Aluminum Is a Lightweight Yet Durable Material That Can Withstand Moisture, Corrosion, And Other Environmental Factors, Making It Ideal For Use In Commercial And Public Spaces.
  • Easy To Install: Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceilings Are Relatively Easy To Install With Proper Planning And Preparation. They Can Be Mounted With a Suspension System, Which Is Typically a Straightforward Process.
  • Acoustically Effective: Some Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceilings Have Perforations Or Slots That Can Enhance Acoustic Performance, Reducing Noise And Providing a More Comfortable Acoustic Environment.
  • Low Maintenance: Aluminum Is a Low-Maintenance Material That Is Easy To Clean And Does Not Require Painting Or Refinishing, Reducing Maintenance Costs And Ensuring Longevity.
  • Sustainable: Many Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceiling Systems Are Made From Recycled Materials And Can Be Recycled At The End Of Their life cycle. This Contributes To Sustainability Goals And Reduces Environmental Impact.
  • Versatile: Aluminum Extruded Baffle Ceilings Can Be Used In a Variety Of Commercial And Public Spaces, Including Offices, Schools, Retail Stores, And Airports. They Can Be Installed In Different Configurations And Designs To Create Unique And Customized Looks.

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