Linear Plank Ceiling R - Series

The Linear Metal Ceiling R- Series by Gypsonite offers a versatile and aesthetic solution for modern interior design.

Linear Plank Ceiling R - Series

The Linear Metal Ceiling R- Series by Gypsonite offers a versatile and aesthetic solution for modern interior design.

Available in various sizes and materials, including GI (Galvanized Iron) and Aluminum, with options for plain, perforated (1.8 mm and 2.5 mm perforations), solid colors, and wooden shades, this ceiling system combines functionality with design flexibility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Panel Sizes:
  1. 84R: 84 mm exposed area, 15 mm Depth
  2. 184R: 184 mm exposed area, 15 mm Depth
  3. 284R: 284 mm exposed area, 15 mm Depth
  4. Gap between two Panels: 16 mm.


  • Material Options: GI (Galvanized Iron), Aluminum


  • Finish Options: Plain and Perforated (1.8 mm and 2.5 mm perforations)


  • Color/Shade: Solid and Wooden Shade


  • Installation Guidelines:
  1. Installation should be carried out by trained professionals.
  2. Panels must be securely fastened to the ceiling substrate using appropriate mounting hardware.
  3. Ensure proper alignment and spacing between panels and line strips for a uniform appearance.
  4. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for installation procedures and best practices.


  • Panels and Accessories Used:
  1. Panels: Linear Metal Ceiling Panels (84R, 184R, 284R)
  2. Line Gap: 16 mm wide, matching the material and finish of the panels
  3. Mounting Hardware: Provided by Gypsonite Industries for secure installation
  4. Optional Accessories: Corner pieces, edge trims, suspension systems, etc.


  • The Linear Metal Ceiling R- Series complies with the following standards:
  1. Public Works Department (PWD) standards
  2. Central Public Works Department (CPWD) specifications
  3. Relevant Indian standards for construction materials and interior finishes


  • Key Features:
  1. Sleek and modern design enhances interior aesthetics.
  2. Durable construction ensures long-term performance and low maintenance.
  3. Variety of material and finish options to suit different design requirements.
  4. Easy to install with comprehensive installation guidelines provided.
  5. Compliant with industry standards for quality and safety.


  • Applications:
  1. Commercial spaces (offices, retail stores, restaurants, etc.)
  2. Residential interiors (living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.)
  3. Educational institutions, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, etc.


Note to Architects and End Users:

The Linear Metal Ceiling R Series offers a versatile solution for enhancing interior spaces with its modern design and wide range of customization options. Architects and end users can choose from various panel sizes, materials, finishes, and perforation patterns to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional requirements. Installation guidelines provided by Gypsonite Industries ensure a hassle-free and professional installation process, resulting in a visually stunning and durable ceiling solution. Compliance with PWD, CPWD, and Indian standards ensures peace of mind regarding quality and performance.

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