Perforated Metal Ceiling Tiles

Choose Perforated Metal Ceiling Tiles for Obtaining Acoustic Benefits

admin   September 22, 2020

Metal is one material, which has wide usage both in manufacturing and in real estate sector. Due to its peculiar features, metal ceilings are becoming the most popular choice in commercial buildings. Architects and interior designers even believe that the metal ceiling has an upper edge over foam board or gypsum ceiling. Some architects give preference to metal ceiling due to their aesthetic appearance whereas others do not look further than perforated metal ceiling tiles when they want to combine aesthetic appearance with acoustic functionality.  Before discussing about perforated ceiling tiles, let’s take a quick look at advantages associated with the metal ceiling.

Advantages with Metal Ceiling Tiles

  1. The foremost advantage is highly appealing look. Metal ceiling tiles create a visual appearance which appeals to every onlooker.
  2. Metal material does not stain or decay over time. Sometimes, it rusts but problem of rust will not arise if finished stainless steel tiles are installed,
  3. These ceiling tiles require low maintenance and remain in a perfect condition for even a decade.
  4. When it comes to service life, metal can outshine traditional non-metal panel especially when installed in such areas where plenum access is an ongoing activity.
  5. These tiles are humidity, fire and water-resistance.
  6. Metal is an excellent conductor for hot and cold air, thus it helps in regulating the temperature of a building under all weather conditions.
  7. Metal comes in different paint finishing that go well with any kind of décor. However, customers can even choose metal tiles in powder coated, brushed or polished form as per their requirements. The range of options is available when it comes to metal finishing such as copper, brass, steel, chrome, etc., varied on the grounds of tint and sheen.

Another factor that increases the popularity of metal ceiling tiles are sound absorption quality. The metal ceiling tiles absorb sound provided they have perforated designs. Thus, for availing acoustic benefits, it is necessary to select perforated metal ceiling tiles only. Even in commercial areas like offices and healthcare facilities, where privacy is of utmost importance, perforated metal tile or panel make an excellent choice as it does not allow outsiders to look inside whereas insiders will get a clear view of outside.

Just like any other ceilings, perforated ceilings come in attractive designs and shapes. The most popular three categories of perforated ceilings are:

  1. Highly Perforated: This kind of ceiling has a perforation area greater than 20 percent of the total ceiling area. Highly perforated designs come in large shapes including squares, circles, slats and diamonds. Mesh and open ceilings generally fall in this category. This kind of ceiling is a popular choice in commercial areas like hospitals and medical centers, restaurants, boutique, gymnasiums, etc. If you are selecting highly perforated tiles, it is necessary to use black acoustical backer to cover the wide open area. If a person chooses circle designs in highly perforated metal material, he will get holes diameter in sizes like 0.055, 0.062, 0.068, 0.075, 0.078, etc.
  2. Typically Perforated: This kind of perforation ceiling has an open area less than 20 percent. The perforation styles are usually available in circular shapes but customers can place an order for customized shapes also. Healthcare centers, educational institutions and office buildings find typically perforated metal ceiling tiles quite attractive. All the aforementioned hole diameter sizes are also available in typically perforated style.
  3. Minimally Perforated: As the name implies, this kind of ceiling comes with less than 2 percent open area. However, they can impart good acoustical performance when professional assistance is availed. Because of the small size of perforations, they are hardly visible and give an appearance similar to imperforated ceilings. This kind of ceiling is a common choice in those areas where minimum intervention is required from background noise and sound level. This makes them the most sought-after choice for theatres, auditoriums, etc. With open area less than 2%, limited options are available in hole’s diameter size.

You may feel a pinch with the installation cost of perforated metal ceiling tiles. It is because perforated tiles as well as panels demand professional assistance. But the fact is choosing perforated metal ceiling tile is a cost-effective option owing to its strength, long life and availability in various styles, sizes and colors.

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