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Why Linear Metal Ceiling Systems are a Priority?

admin   July 21, 2020

Do you love the creative potential of linear metal ceiling system? Not only do these ceiling system cover up any imperfect area, but they also attract attention with architectural designs and decorative flourishes. These systems work wonder for both interior and exterior applications and can be incorporated into all projects big and small. Right from airport terminals and train stations, to shopping malls and office lobbies, to school classrooms and college stadiums, our linear ceiling can add excellence.

Designers and architects do appreciate these cost-competitive linear ceiling systems and their ease of installation. However, the challenge can be in framing all of the features and to determine the optimal ceiling system for the project application. Linear ceiling also helps reducing utility costs through more efficient heating and cooling.

Installing linear metal ceiling system has a couple of advantages over other ceiling systems.  They are strong, easy to clean and give a good appearance.


Linear metal ceiling systems are stronger and durable than traditional dropped ceiling materials while offering easy access to the ceiling void. These items need regular maintenance and occasional repair. Being able to access the false ceiling with the peace of mind that there is no breaking of ceiling tiles stepping through them, is a big advantage of linear metal ceiling system. Additionally, metal ceilings are also moisture resistant which reduces the chance of staining and crumbling from leaks.


Linear metal ceilings help absorb or redirect sound, so there is no creation of an echo chamber. Acoustic tiles with mineral wool inlays or fleece absorb sound and provide less noise interruption that may not be found in traditional materials.

Ceilings with heavy system also ease sound from adjoining areas.

Style and Variety

Linear ceilings are available in a wide variety of styles, textures, and finishes. Metals of linear ceiling systems are can be coated with any colour of your choice and can be made to resemble anything from classic tin roof squares to an elegant smooth finish in your signature colours. One of the best ways to use this type of material is to hide an ugly plaster ceiling.

If you want to avoid coating with paint, the go with the metal colours that come in many attractive hues and finishes of its own: steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and chrome. They can either be simple metal with base colour, powder coated, brushed, or polished.

The material for linear metal ceiling systems also come in different shapes to provide a spectacular view. A completely different look can be created by adding designs and crafting the underlying supports in curving structures or by giving the linear system a differing height.

Overall, linear metal ceilings are excellent as they are cost effective and flexible of design and a great value for money. Why don’t you take the advantages of installing metal ceiling requires less maintenance, more fire resistant, and less costly to repair? Contact Gypsonite today and get information about linear metal ceiling system. We are here to answer your queries. Give us a call today!!

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